Alert and Inform System (AIS) is an authorisation system monitoring product currently operational with ACI’s OpeN/2® product at Coventry Building Society. AIS comprises two modules; AIS-Alert and AIS-Inform, which can be run together or as single modules.
AIS-Alert notifies support personnel when critical events occur within the authorisation system or when certain thresholds are reached which indicate that problems may exist with transaction processing. For example, an alert would be raised if Visa had been offline for more than five minutes or the system had recorded 100 or more declined transactions within the last five minutes. The criteria for raising an alert are set by parameters within AIS-Alert, and the alerts can be classed as Fatal, Warning or Information. The above examples would be classed as fatal and a visible alert in the form of a red ’traffic light ’ and status message would display on the AIS-Inform screen. A warning email could also be sent, together with an audible alert, and a text or pager message to key staff, raised through an existing alert system or an email SMS gateway. AIS can also notify branch staff by email or SMS text about error conditions for a specific ATM, such as low on cash or paper out conditions. All alerts are recorded in an audit log viewable in AIS-Inform.

Alert examples:

No transaction logged in 5 minutes

Visa backup line offline for over 5 minutes

Bradford ATM (TERM01) has reported a communications failure

AIS-Inform enables help desk and operations staff to easily view information about the authorisation system on a single screen in a web user interface. This includes device and network statuses, transaction statistics, general system information and fraud rule triggers. Fatal and warning alerts from AIS-Alert are also displayed on the screen. AIS-Inform gives the help desk up to the minute information on the status of each ATM on the network, allowing the help desk to contact the branch if needed. Transaction fraud rules can be set within AIS and each time a transaction triggers a fraud rule this is shown on the screen. The operator can then click on that information to bring up the transaction details for further investigation. Details of fraud rules triggered out-of-hours are sent by SMS text. System activity and transaction volumes are constantly updated. There is a password controlled facility to input a scrolling message at the bottom of the screen to inform users of known problems or scheduled outages
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