MatchPoint is a Visa transaction matching and enquiry system which processes standard Visa Centre Transaction Files (CTFs) containing domestic and international transactions. It matches the Base II records from Visa to Base I records from an authorisation system. A Clearing File (CF), Settlement File (SF) and Error File (EF) are output for processing by a host system. MatchPoint is fully configurable to ensure that these files can be read and processed by any host system and is able to run in an open environment.
Transaction matching and ageing
The Visa Centre Transaction File contains Base II transactions that must be matched with Base I transactions recorded by the authorisation system. Base II transactions can be credit or debit. They may or may not have a corresponding Base I transaction or may have a different transaction value to the Base I transaction. MatchPoint maintains a history of unmatched reserves from log extract files input from the authorisation system, and when processing the Visa clearing file attempts to match transactions. If a match is not found for a Base I transaction within a pre-defined number of days, then the transaction is marked as aged off and funds re-instated to the account.

Using pre-defined matching criteria, MatchPoint will match transactions and output a Clearing File for the host system containing a record for each Base II transaction or aged Base I transaction. Each record will contain the Base II transaction, if available, and Base I transaction, if available, together with other data such as a sequence number to be used for duplicate checking.

The default matching criteria provides matching rates which are typically in excess of 95%. The host system must process the output file, update balances on the host system and notify the authorisation system of balance updates.

MatchPoint Operation
The batch processes can run automatically on receipt of input files. MatchPoint produces a comprehensive audit report showing the number of records processed, types of record processed, number of records written to each output file and details of any processing errors.

Enquiry Facility
In order to be able to see matched, unmatched and aged transactions, as well as settlement details, reporting totals and matching statistics, MatchPoint has a GUI based enquiry facility. This runs on a web server and is accessible across the internet or local intranets via a standard browser. A system administrator is able to control which users have access to which functions in order to protect secure and sensitive information, and to meet audit and compliance requirements.

The Visa Centre Transaction File contains details of network settlement. MatchPoint extracts these details and produces a settlement file for the host system. This file also contains settlement totals calculated by MatchPoint for comparison with the settlement totals calculated by Visa.

Output CTF
Acquired transactions are converted to Base I format records and written to an output Visa Centre Transaction File ready to be processed by the Visa Edit Package and then subsequently transmitted to Visa. This file will also contain any charge-backs, representments, fraud advices and requests for copy which have been issued through the MatchPoint GUI.

Error File
MatchPoint is configured to process Base II transactions and settlement details. It will ignore transaction types for transactions processed by the Visa Edit Package. Details of transactions for unknown transaction types are recorded on the Error File

The product is currently operational with ACI’s OpeN/2® product at Coventry Building Society but can be configured by SPL for any back end host or authorisation system.
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