Our Products
Our current range comprises three products specifically designed for the card payments market.

MatchPoint MatchPoint
MatchPoint is a Visa transaction matching and enquiry system which processes standard Visa Centre Transaction Files (CTFs) containing domestic and international transactions. It matches the Base II records from Visa to Base I records from an authorisation system. A Clearing File (CF), Settlement File (SF) and Error File (EF) are output for processing by a host system. MatchPoint is fully configurable to ensure that these files can be read and processed by any host system and is able to run in an open environment.
Alert and Inform System (AIS) is an authorisation system monitoring product currently operational with ACI’s OpeN/2® product at Coventry Building Society. AIS comprises two modules; AIS-Alert and AIS-Inform, which can be run together or as single modules.
Eclipse Eclipse
Eclipse is a product which compares transactions in a LINK LREC File against transactions in a Transaction Log File from an authorization system. Eclipse will output the following reports: LINK switched-in discrepancy report, LINK switched-out discrepancy report, Suspense report, Statistics report. The product is currently operational with ACI’s OpeN/2® product at Coventry Building Society using an LREC File format of ASCII Standard Data Format (Compressed) but can be configured by SPL for any authorisation system or LREC file format.
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