Coventry Building Society
Carl Swale, Managing Director of SPL, has been working with Coventry Building Society since 1988 and since day one of SPL.

Coventry Building Society was established in 1884 and is now the third largest building society in the UK. With 70 branches and assets of over £24.4 billion, the Society now provides a variety of products to over 1.5 million members. Over 70 ATMs provide a wide range of services to LINK and Visa cardholders including cash withdrawal, PIN services and mobile phone top up. In addition deposit and mini statement services are available to Coventry Building Society cardholders. The Society’s Visa debit card can be used to make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs in the UK and abroad.

In August 2003 the Society decided to replace its ATM authorisation software and as a replacement chose OpeN/2®, now an ACI Worldwide product. This project included extensive involvement from SPL to fully manage the installation of the new product. SPL were quick to start, defining all project requirements, producing specifications and laying down project management guidelines, milestones and the methodology for the project.

Working alongside SPL technical consultants, the software supplier customised the system to meet the Society’s requirements and the Phase 1 system, which involved the migration of the ATM estate to OpeN/2® with the existing system providing all authorisation and switching of transactions to and from LINK, was installed in November 2003. Rollout of all ATMs to the new system took three months and was completed in April 2004.

Phase 2 involved the addition of a LINK interface and connection to the host system as well as the implementation of authorisation and transaction switching. SPL’s extensive experience of the LIS5 standard used by LINK meant that they were able to help at every stage of the project, from the specification right through to final certification. This phase brought its own challenges requiring many of the Society’s processes to be re-engineered, but was successfully implemented live at the end of June 2004.

Since 2005 SPL has worked with the Society to develop and implement numerous enhancements to their systems, including remote key load, allowing the dynamic change of ATM keys, the introduction of chip card processing, and Active-Active EAS which gives automatic fail-over resilience to the direct connection to Visa. The next phase is the design and implementation of Active-Active to provide resilience to the OpeN/2® system, with two systems running side by side. SPL also works with ACI Worldwide to implement upgrades to the OpeN/2® system including support for Visa debit cards, a direct connection to Visa, ATM MACing and charity giving at the ATM.

All LINK and Visa mandated changes are supported by SPL as well as ATM download changes and disaster recovery planning and practice.

SPL also independently develops and installs its own products at the Society. To date these products include

  • MatchPoint which operates in association with the Visa debit card to provide clearing and settlement for Visa transactions

  • AIS which is an authorisation system monitoring and alert product

  • Eclipse which compares transactions from LINK against transactions on a log file and outputs discrepancy and reconciliation reports

  • SPL provides ongoing support and consultancy for all SPL products as well as first line support and consultancy for OpeN/2®.
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